A Six-Month Mentorship for High-Achieving Female Entrepreneurs.

With Sarah Rose

Let's Turn Your Business Into Gold.


Fire heats the water from below.

Masculine Power Returns to Serve Feminine Love, Cooking the Alchemical Cauldron of Wisdom.

Find Rapture in Truth.

Commit to Lightness Through Inquiry.

Awaken your Desire by Overcoming Doubt.

Communicate Your Passion.

Follow Your Bliss.


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Inside Rose Alchemy, You'll Receive The Codes To:

Know Thyself

Know who you are and exactly where you're going.

Overcome blocks that don't really exist.

Align with what is worth your time and energy.

Grant permission to take care of yourself.

Keep your vibration higher.

Embodied Purpose

Activate your fire.

Become a master story teller.

Create soul-led content in alignment with your magnetic personal branding.

Gain consistency in your communication.

Express your truth.

Blend the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine energies of giving and receiving in your business.

Speak your dreams into existence.

The Ring of Divinity

Awaken the highest consciousness within you.

Tap into your personal insight and intuition.

Own your authority of strong leadership.

Access your emotional intelligence.

Connect with soul clients or team members on an emotional level.



I believe that every woman, regardless of background, experience or personality type can achieve time and financial freedom to live life on her own terms.

I know this is true, because if I've done it, so can you!

My mission is to mentor as many women around the world as I can to create their dream online business, earn what they're worth, and design a life they love.

That's why I'm committed to making YOU one of my many success stories!

In just Three Years I went from...

*Lying awake at night worried about money

*Living paycheck to paycheck with no savings

*Feeling hopeless and suffering from panic attacks

To Now...

*Having a location independent business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. In the last three years, I've taken my daughter Sophie to Dubai, Stockholm, Chiang Mai, Barcelona, Rome, & Monte Carlo!

*Helping hundreds of women to create success in their business.

*Speaking in front of thousands of entrepreneurs from around the globe.

*Featuring on Thrive Global.

*And most importantly, I've found my passion for life again. I'm confident, happy, & on a mission!

My Human Design is a 6/3 Manifestor, and my inner authority is the Heart Center that provides a direct channel to the throat chakra, powering my ability to SPEAK THINGS INTO EXISTENCE. This is the most straight forward authority to have, and that means if I want something, I am going to make it happen. Because I have the power to move mountains. And deep down, you know that you do, too.

My deepest purpose in life with the 63rd Gene Key is to manifest the gift of synergy. I am one of the world's great questioners. I must carve my life's path out of asking these questions, finding the answers, and it is only through service by sharing this wisdom with you that I find my sense of fulfillment.

And that's why I'm here. To guide you through Rose Alchemy, awakening the Warrior-Goddess-Queen & CEO that is already within you.


What My Clients Are Saying About Rose Alchemy


“It's been an awesome learning experience inside Sarah’s Rose Alchemy program. I'm really excited about the future now more than ever before, knowing that I'm gaining cutting edge knowledge on how to automate my business and accelerate to higher level of success I have always desired. I particularly love and appreciate the holding of hands and guidance from one step to another in the learning process.

Thank you so much! ××”


I came across a post that Sarah made, and immediately felt alignment with what she has to offer and who she is. I reached out and took advantage of working together.

Sarah's knowledge and support gave me the fire and drive to get my business launched. She offers a mix of the technical business side of things with a spiritual aspect that resonates with me. I am now working with Sarah and her program Rose Alchemy where she shares her secrets to creating a prosperous online business.

Working with Sarah has allowed me to step into my truest self and see that I CAN create my dream career. Sarah is not only a coach and mentor but she has become a dear friend and I look forward to continuing this journey together.

Now is the time to get into Sarah's Rose Alchemy program, she is on fire and can tap into exactly what you need to have in place to become that successful entrepreneur you have been longing to be.

-Lynda Barrus, Utah

Have Questions?

We Have Answers.

Who Is This Program For?

Rose Alchemy is for the high-achieving femme who is ready to uplevel or scale up your business by unlocking the modern marketing strategies that will help you to automate your business, giving you the time and financial freedom to be, do and have it all, living life on your own terms.

What Is The Time & Financial Commitment?

Over our six months working together, you'll be learning at your own pace so that you won't have to compromise your other commitments.

Our Rose Alchemy Facebook Group is a safe container for up to 11 like-minded women to come together to share your work, celebrate your wins, ask questions, and get support.

Sarah Rose will be live in the group several times a week to share her trainings and teachings. You can always catch the replay if needed. There will also be a weekly group Q&A where you can bring additional questions, and these sessions will be recorded in case you are unable to attend.

Plus you get access to a 1-2-1 bespoke mentoring Zoom session with Sarah once a month.

The investment is $4,500 for the six month program if paid in full, or $5,000 if on a monthly installment with a non-refundable deposit. Please reach out to our team by clicking here to schedule your payment plan.

Am I Guaranteed Results?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee specific results, we aren't fortune tellers. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, and run your online business strategically. 

There are no refunds. However, if the student withdraws from the course prior to completion, monthly payments will cease prior to the following month's draft.

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! Sarah loves working with clients to identify your short or long-term goals and then work towards achieving them together.

We require a minimum of 3 months of working together, although 6-12 months are highly recommended.

The investment is $4,500 per quarter if paid up front and in full, or $5,000 if on a monthly installment plan with a non-refundable deposit.

Sarah can only take on five 1-2-1 clients at a time, and those spaces go fast. So if you feel a more intimate style of mentorship would work better for you, click the button below to inquire about securing your spot on the waitlist.